we are (and will remain) a family business

The idea to create this French learning platform originated within my family. I love my job as a teacher of French for foreigners but after a few years’ break to take care of my two children, I wish to teach from home in order to avoid commuting and stress.

With my husband, we looked for a solution that would allow me to pursue my professional activity while still remaining available for our children and keeping an optimal quality
of life for the whole family.

Agnès Villoutreix

formatrice Passion FLE

Work better
to live better

The objective is to work better in order to live better, in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Our thoughts led us to this idea to practice my professional activity no longer in a classroom but online, with the incredible opportunity to work with students from around the world, offering them the opportunity to learn French or to perfect their French skills, wherever they are.

Personalized guidance

This website aims to propose French classes to students around the world, around a key concept: personalization.

I wish to offer a service that is adapted to the needs and expectations of each student thanks to individual online courses.

More than ten years of experience

I started my career as a French teacher in the United States, at the University of Austin, Texas, for a year. I then taught at a language institute in Paris.


My teaching experience of over ten years allows me to teach French to beginners as well as learners of all levels, but also to help in the preparation of official French tests and to train in using French for a range of professional sectors.

A pedagogical and technological project

My husband, who is a digital consultant, takes care of the whole technical side of the digital platform based on Office 365.

I can lean on my husband’s skills and expertise while I bring the context and the pedagogical methods. It is above all a family adventure in which we invest a lot of ourselves.

A friendly and
personalized approach

What distinguishes our service is a friendly and personalized approach within a serious but relaxed atmosphere.

Each student is evaluated according to his/her level as well as his/her needs and expectations and a programme is set up that can evolve throughout the training according to each student’s personal progress.

I want the students who will choose us to learn French or perfect their skills to come out of this experience with the certainty to have progressed but also to have enjoyed their learning experience, to have been able to share their culture and discovered a bit more of the French culture.


Passion FLE is a family business that offers its students personalized high quality French language instruction.