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Passion FLE is opening !

I am particularly pleased to announce the opening of Passion FLE, my own school of French as a Foreign Language, a great adventure both personal and professional.

What is FLE ?

FLE, French as a Foreign Language, is French language instruction for non-French speakers. For example, my students are professionals in the medical, catering or business sectors who must be proficient in French for their jobs.

They are also young students who must pass certifications in French as part of their studies. Finally, they are lovers of France who want to visit our country and speak with residents.

Teaching is my passion

Profoundly passionate about French language, I’ve been teaching French for over ten years, first in the USA at the University of Texas at Austin, then at a private language institute in Paris.

Since then I have started a family, but I miss teaching French and the exchanges with the students. In order to teach again, and remain available for my children, I decided to create my own business, Passion FLE.

A quality and personalized approach

I wanted Passion FLE to be different, to be a school based on quality instruction, on personalization, and on listening to my students. For these reasons, Passion FLE resolutely stands out from the educational platforms that can be found on the Internet.

A digital platform

I also chose to bring a new experience to my students, by using the opportunities brought by digital tools. Students who choose Passion FLE benefit from modern digital tools based on the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. For example, classes are done with Microsoft's TEAMS tool that offers quality communication with students.

If you want to know more about this subject, click here to read the interview about the tools available for Passion FLE students.

We are a family business

We are a family business, not a multinational. The shareholders of Passion Fle are my children.

It's a family adventure: my husband created the digital part, and my children took part in the promotional video that we made in our house, with our own equipment. Our family identity is our pride and our strength.

Bienvenue chez PassionFLE !

As part of opening Passion FLE, we offer you a 10% discount on every instructional option. You just have to enter the code WELCOME when ordering. To find out more, visit the website http://www.PassionFle.fr

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Passion FLE est une entreprise familiale qui propose à ses étudiants un accompagnement de qualité et personnalisé dans leur apprentissage de la langue française.