Passion FLE is personalization and quality

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering customized quality instruction at a very competitive price


A user-friendly and personalized approach

Étudiant heureux

Constant progress monitoring

Our objective is to help you progress in the best possible conditions and to this purpose we will make every effort with our teaching programme and regular assessments.

Of course, your progress will depend on your initial level as well as your daily commitment throughout the teaching programme. A longer, more intensive training will increase efficiency. 

A digital platform

In order to guide you in your training programme, we have chosen to offer you a complete digital platform integrating modern collaborative and communication tools supported by Microsoft Teams.

What differenciates our service is a friendly and personalized approach in a serious but relaxed atmosphere.

Each student is evaluated according to his/her level as well as his/her needs and expectations and a programme is set up that can evolve throughout the training according to each student’s personal progress.

I want the students who will choose us to learn French or perfect their skills to come out of this experience with the certainty to have progressed but also to have enjoyed their learning experience, to have been able to share their culture and discover a bit more of the French culture.


An experienced and dedicated trainer 

My passion for the French language and its transmission (to speakers of other languages), as well as my ten years experience with students of all nationalities are a guarantee for a quality course that will allow you to rapidly improve your communication skills, both oral and written. 

Agnès Villoutreix professeur français passion FLE


Passion FLE is a family business that offers its students personalized high quality French language instruction.